Double flowering Lilies

Tour 20
Flower auction and Lily Tour

Tour dates : June (week 23 ), Monday - Friday

Tour duration 7.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. (10 hours)

Tour price € 750,-- (1-6 persons)

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Flower auction

Flower auction

Our private tour starts at your hotel at 7.00 a.m.
We will drive for approx. 35 minutes to the largest flower auction in the world '
Royal Flora Holalnd' in Aalsmeer near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
At the auction, we will walk through the buildings ( 1.6 million sq.meters), take a look at the auction halls with 13 'clocks' for selling cut flowers and 4 'clocks' to sell plants.

We will take a look at the coolstore for cut flowers and will see where Lilies are stored at night before auctioning starts the next morning.
After that, we will visit the very large distribution area, where flower auction employees on electric tractors distribute flowers to the locations of the wholesalers that bought the flowers earlier that morning.

After the auction, we can pay a visit to wholesaler company for small buyers, like florists and garden centers. At this company, they can buy smaller quantities than at the auction.



After the flower auction visit, we will start driving to the Lily flower shows of all 14  Lily breeders in Holland. 

In week 23, all important Lily breeders organize a so-called 'Open House '.


Breeders in different regions

Because they are in different regions, we will only be able to visit 4 - 5 breeders on this day. If you are interested to visit all breeders, we will need an additional day. 

At the end of the Lily tour day, we will return to your hotel in Amsterdam.


Tour information

Tour price:                       € 750,--

Additional hours:           €  90,--

Tickets flower auction: €  11,50/ p.p.

Lily breeders visit:       Included in the tour price 

Transportation:             By car, free of charge

Tour duration:               7.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. (10 hours)

Tour dates:                     June (week 23).

Tour days:                      Tuesday - Friday

No. of persons               1 - 6 

Prices are including taxes. Not included are entrance and parking tickets, lunch, and beverages.
For other cities than Amsterdam, pick-up/return time and tour price may vary.

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Peter Boers, founder of Flower Tours Holland

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