Bicolor Tulips

Flower auction and Tulip flower grower Tour

Tour dates : All year round, Monday – Friday.

Tour duration: 7.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. (5.5 hours)

Tour price € 540,-- (1-7 persons)

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World’s largest flower auction

World’s largest flower auction

Our private, guided tour will start early in the morning at your hotel in Amsterdam. We will then drive 25 km. south of Amsterdam to the world’s largest flower auction ‘Royal Flora Holland’, in Aalsmeer.

Early in the morning, the auctioning of flowers and plants starts and we will explain all about ‘Dutch auction’ and the distribution of the millions of flowers and plants. Every hour 1000 - 1200 transactions take place. The volume that will pass by in the auction halls is unbelievable!

Visit a wholesale company

After the auction and distribution, we will visit a wholesale company, where small florists from Holland and surrounding countries are able to buy their smaller quantities of flowers, plants and floral supplies!

Tulip grower

Tulip grower

After the visit to the flower auction, we will drive to a Tulip grower that produces cut flowers in greenhouses for the auction from Tulip bulbs which have grown in the fields the previous year.

We will first watch a movie about the way Tulip bulbs grow and how the bulbs are handled after harvesting. Then we will do a tour in the greenhouses. We will get explanations about the growing and handling of the millions of flowers being harvested.


Tour information

Tour price:                        € 540,--

Additional hours:           €   60,--

Tickets flower auction: €  9,--/p.p.

Tulip grower visit:          Included in Tour price

Transportation:             By car, free of charge

Tour duration:               7.00 a.m. -12.30 p.m. (5.5 hours)

Tour dates:                     All year

Tour days:                      Monday - Friday
No. of persons:             1 - 7

Prices are including taxes. Not included are entrance and parking tickets, lunch and beverages.

For other cities than Amsterdam, pick up/return time and tourprice may vary.

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Peter Boers, founder of Flower Tours Holland

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