Mixed Tulips at Keukenhof park


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Flower Tours Holland provides private, guided and VIP Tours. 

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All Year Tours:  January – December


Flower auction, Cheese farm and

Windmills Tour.


Flower auction and

Tulip flower grower Tour

Phalaenopsis Orchids in greenhouse
Flower auction 

and Orchids Tour

Flower auction Tour
Windmills village Zaanse Schans
Country side Tour

Spring Tours: March, April, May

Double Tulips in various colors
Tulip farm, Tulip fields and Keukenhof Tour
Pink white Tulip field
Tulip fields, Keukenhof and Windmills Tour
Yellow orange Tulips in field
Flower auction, Tulip fields and Keukenhof Tour
Several Tulip varieties growing on farm
Tulip flower grower, Tulip fields and Keukenhof Tour
Tulip fields and
Keukenhof Tour
Bird on float created with bulb flowers
Flower parade, Tulip fields and Keukenhof Tour
Bulb fields cruise, Bulb farm and Keukenhof Tour
Bulb fields cruise, Bulb farm and Keukenhof Tour
Tulip fields bike ride, Tulip farm and Keukenhof Tour
Red Tulips in field
Tulip fields, Tulip Museum
and Keukenhof Tour
Visit Hortus Bulborum with Flower Tours Holland
Hortus Bulborum Botanical garden,
Tulip fields and Keukenhof Tour
tulip mosaic in Noordoostpolder
Tulip fields Noordoostpolder,
Tulip route and Giethoorn Tour

Summer Tours: June, July, August, September, October.

Flower auction
and Giethoorn Tour
Mixed Peony bouguet
Flower auction
and Peony Tour
Purple and blue Hydrangeas
Flower auction and Hydrangea Tour
Double flowering Lilies
Flower auction
and Lily Tour
Orchid Inspiration
Days Tour
Dahlia parades and
Dahlia grower Tours
Castle De Haar
Rivers, Gardens and Castle
of Amsterdam Tour
Rivers and Gardens of
Amsterdam Tour
Gardens and Castle of
Amsterdam Tour
River Vecht lunch cruise and Castle
of Amsterdam Tour

Fall Tours: November

Tour 27


 IFTF and Trade Fair flower exhibitions Tours