Historical bulb varieties at Hortus Bulborum botanical gardens

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Hortus Bulborum Botanical garden, Tulip fields and Keukenhof Tour

Tour dates: April 8– May 12, 2024 Monday – Sunday

Tour duration 9.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. (8.5 hours)

Tour price € 680,-- (1-6 persons).

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Tulips Daffodils at Hortus Bulborum Botanical garden Holland

Hortus Bulborum
Botanical garden

On this tour we will start at your hotel in Amsterdam and drive to the Hortus Bulborum in Limmen, near Alkmaar, north of Amsterdam.
This is the only garden in the world where you will find over 2500 different Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils and other bulbs all in flower, but not all at the same time, of course.

Each spring, the hortus is packed full with vivid colours. Fundamental in this garden however is the preservation of old cultivars and Hortus Bulborum shows Tulips dating back to the year 1595 and Daffodils of the year 1603. The aim of this garden is to maintain these cultivars and safeguard them for the future. The current cultivar collections contains 2000 Tulip varieties, 50 Hyacinth varieties, 1000 Daffodils varieties, 20 Iris varieties, 50 Crocus varieties, etc.

Red and yellow Tulips at field near Keukenhof

Visit flowering bulbfields

After Hortus we will  drive along flowering bulbfields with Daffodils, Hyacints, Tulips, etc., north of Amsterdam.

If we pass by a flowering field, we will stop to take pictures of you and your friends

between the fields of flowers.

After the tour through the bulbfields, we might stop for lunch (not included) at a nice restaurant between the flowering bulb fields.

Fritillaria and Tulips at Keukenhof Lisse Holland


 After lunch we will drive to Keukenhof region, which is south of Amsterdam.
Keukenhof is located in the region where Tulip and bulb growing started in the 1600's .
It attracks every year more than 1 million visitors in March, April and May.
Keukenhof started in 1949 as an initiative of bulb growers and traders to promote bulbs to the public.
Every year Keukenhof and its suppliers introduce new varieties of Tulips, Hyacinths, etc.
For instance Frittilaria (see picture) have become popular by showing them in Keukenhof.
We will escort you through the park with every year new garden designs. We can easily spend 3 hours in this 80 acres park with 9.4 mls. of pathways.
Beside the gardens, there are pavilions with all kinds of flower shows.
After Keukenhof, we will return to your hotel.


Tour information

Tour price:               €  680,--

Additional hours:    €  90,--

Tickets Hortus:        €  5,50/ p.p.

Hortus guided tour:€  30,--

Tickets Keukenhof: € 21,50/adult. € 9,--/child

Parking ticket:          €  8,--

Transportation:       By car, free of charge
Tour duration:         9.30 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. (8.5 hours)

Tour dates:              April 8 May 12, 2024

Tour days:                All days
No. of persons:       1 -6

Prices are including taxes. Not included are entrance and parking tickets, lunch, and beverages.

For other cities than Amsterdam, pick up/return time and tour price may vary.

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