Tour 24
Rivers and Gardens of Amsterdam Tour

Tour dates : June - October, 2024. All days.

Tour duration: (9.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. (8 hours)

Tour price: € 640,- (1-6 persons)

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Tour along river Amstel

Our tour will start at approx. 9.30 a.m. at your hotel in Amsterdam.
We will drive to Amstel river and will drive along this river to a nice town called 'Ouderkerk aan de Amstel'. 
On the way there, we will stop at the windmill and take a look at painter Rembrandt's statue.
One can still discover a few country houses/ estates from the 'Golden Century' (between 1600-1700).
In that area, traders from Amsterdam became wealthy from international trade, were building beautiful summer houses on the estates along rivers Vecht and Amstel.


Tour along river Vecht

After this drive by of Amstel river, we will drive to the Vecht river region.
Nature, gardens and houses are here in a beautiful balance and this makes this river being called  'the most beautiful' river of Holland.
We will first arrive at pretty, historic town with the name 'Loenen aan de Vecht'. 
After Loenen, we will drive along the river with its beautiful mansions and will reach the town of 'Breukelen'. (In 1646, immigrants from Holland named their new town in the 'New World' Breukelen which became eventually 'Brooklyn' (New York).
In Breukelen, we will stop over for a coffee break or early lunch.


Gardens of Appeltern

After lunch in Breukelen, we will continue to drive to the middle of the country, to design park 'Gardens of Appeltern'.
This 22 ha/ 55 acres park is developed to inspire its visitors for new initiatives in their gardens at home.
The park has around 200 inspirational show gardens and shows annuals perennials, shrubs, trees, but also new garden materials, furniture, a plant center, etc.
Find out the latest trend in gardening!

After this visit, we will return to your hotel.


Tour information

Tour price:                € 640,--

Additional hours:    €  90,--

Tickets Appeltern   €  16,00
Parking ticket:         €   6,--

Transportation:      By car, free of charge
Tour duration:         9.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. (8 hours)

Tour dates:              April -November

Tour days:                All days

No. of persons:       1 - 6

Prices are including taxes. Not included are entrance and parking tickets, lunch, and beverages.

For other cities than Amsterdam, pick up/return time and tour price may vary.

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