Amaryllis, from bulb to bouquet
31 januari 2022 

Amaryllis, from bulb to bouquet

The cultivation of cut flower Amaryllis.

 Amaryllis is the popular name for the Latin name of the genus Hippeastrum.

Growth, rest and blooming at the greenhouse!

Amaryllis is a bulb that blooms once a year. In nature, the crop and the bulbs grow in the summer, with new flower buds being created inside the bulb. At the same time, the bulb stores a lot of spare food. This is necessary because the crop dies after summer and the bulb with the new flower buds has to survive a cold period in winter. When the temperature rises in spring, the flower buds appear and, thanks to the spare food in the bulb, grow into beautiful big flowers. When the flowers bloom, they are pollinated and as soon as the seeds have developed, they can be spread, very often by birds.

In the cultivation of cut flower Amaryllis, these natural processes are used. By controlling the bulb- and greenhouse temperature we can spread the flowering and make sure that we can enjoy these beautiful flowers in winter.

The following phases can be distinguished in greenhouse cultivation:

  1. Rest phase:

The crop, the bulb in particular, requires a rest period of about ten weeks at 13°C, during which the rest of the flower buds is interrupted. In the greenhouse, the bulbs are refrigerated by cooling the soil through plastic tubes and a water temperature of 6°C. This way, the winter period is copied from nature. In the old days, the bulbs would be grubbed, placed in a refrigerator, and then planted back again.

  1.  Bloom phase:

After the rest period, the old leaves are removed. The bulbs will start blooming once they receive a sufficient amount of water and if the soil temperature is increased to 22°C. By controlling the soil temperature (cooling means rest, heat means growth), the bloom period can be scheduled and spread from September through March.

  1. Growth phase:

For a period of seven months, the bulbs grow under optimal circumstances. New leafs are continuously formed and the crop can grow up to 1,5 meters in size. During the period of leaf growth, two or three new flower buds are created per bulb. In this phase, the crop needs light, water, fertilizer, and CO2 (carbon dioxide).

Make a beautiful bouquet

The amaryllis is excellent as a cut flower so that you can enjoy it even longer. If you put the flowers of an Amaryllis plant in a vase, you can often enjoy the flowers for ten to fourteen days. Did you know that the stem of an Amaryllis plant is hollow? Ideal for sticking a stick in if you want to put the flowers in a vase. This prevents the stems from breaking easily.

The possibilities of an Amaryllis bouquet are endless. Combine the Amaryllis with other cut flowers. While it can be intimidating to trim those big stems, once you do, you'll discover so many new ways to enjoy these beautiful winter-blooming bulbs.

 Double white Amaryllis

5 reasons to create an Amaryllis bouquet

ONE. One of the advantages to using the Amaryllis as a cut flower is that the flower stays beautiful in the vase just as long (and sometimes even longer) as they are still attached to the bulb. If you cut the stems off after the buds have softened, you can expect flowers for as much as 2 weeks or longer!

TWO. When you cut the stems before the flowers open, it helps the bulb conserve energy. This is helpful if you want to store Amaryllis bulbs from one year to the next. This is also useful if you want to grow the bulb outside, in a warm climate.

THREE. Amaryllis have long, elegant stems and huge flowers. Like peonies, this makes them top-heavy, which can be a problem if the bulbs are planted in pots. Outdoors, amaryllis is sensitive to wind. By cutting off the stem, you will enjoy undamaged flowers and a beautiful bouquet in your living room! That's two birds with one stone.

FOUR. Not everyone has a good spot for such a large bouquet of Amaryllis flowers. By cutting off the stems of your amaryllis, you can present them in almost any vase you want. In the process, you can brighten up your bouquet with a diversity of flowers!

FIVE. And do you want something different for a change? Then hang the Amaryllis flowers upside down on a rope on the wall. Wrap the stem of Amaryllis with a ribbon and fill the stem with some water to keep the flower fresh for a long time and you will have a beautiful decoration for the wall.

Did you know.. For all the brides who are planning on spending the wedding on a winter’s day, a red amaryllis wedding bouquet can make a gorgeous selection. Usually known as the “holiday” winter Christmas flower, the Amaryllis is definitely one of the most appropriate types of flowers for a cold-season wedding.

White with pink Amaryllis

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