What a re-leaf! Spring is finally here
04 maart 2022 

What a re-leaf! Spring is finally here

What a re-leaf! Spring is finally here!

After the cold and dark winter days, nature is coming back to life. Leaves are appearing on the trees again and you can already hear the birds singing outside. The clearest signals from nature are the beautiful flowers in bloom. It is officially spring!

Even in your own home or garden, it is time to leave the grey days and cold nights behind you. Spring flowers are the perfect solution to brighten up spring, but when does which-spring-flower-bloom? We have listed them for you.

When spring begins, two important changes in the weather conditions take place. Firstly, you will notice that there is more and more daylight every day, it gets light a little earlier and the sun sets later. Secondly, it is gradually getting warmer. This does not happen at the same time every year, which means that not all bulbs bloom on the same day every year. It is good to take the temperature into account when planting your spring bulbs.

When does which spring bulb bloom?

Snowdrops and Crocus bloom as soon as the temperature rises. But do you know the other popular spring bulbs? You can learn a lot about spring bulbs at nurseries and farms on one of our spring tours. You can also enjoy a day at Keukenhof or a bike ride along the bulb fields. But don't wait too long... Before you know it, spring will be over and new popular summer flowers will be lined up!

 Early spring bulbs

1. Snowdrops (Galanthus)
So far, 19 botanical species have been discovered.
During winter, Snowdrops will usually be the first bulbs to flower, even when it is snowing and the temperature is still low. Snowdrops are popular in gardens where they can easily naturalize. This means that during the years if planted on a spot in the garden, they will propagate and spread throughout the garden, without digging them up every year.

2. Crocus
In winter climates, these early bloomers often appear when snow is gradually disappearing. To get a nice patch of Crocus in your garden, you will need 100 to 150 bulbs per square meter! They also naturalize very easily in your garden, so very often they are planted underneath the grass, where they will spread over the years. Did you know.... that there are about 90 species of Crocus? Breeders have developed hundreds of new varieties, based on the botanical varieties. So there are plenty of choices! Besides these winter flowering Crocus, there are also autumn-flowering Crocus species.

Mid-spring bulbs

1. Daffodils

End of winter/early spring, the well-known Daffodils bloom. These flowers are immediately recognizable by their range of yellow, pale yellow and orange colors. The most well-known early flowering Daffodils are the tiny 'Tête-à-Tête's. Daffodills can be early flowering, mid-season flowering, and even late-flowering. Did you know..... when lovers are separated, they often send each other a Daffodil? They do this, because the Daffodil is a symbol of eternal, but sad love.

Yellow Daffodils in field

2. Hyacinths

In the middle of spring, Hyacinths start to bloom. Hyacinths usually flower from early to half of April In the Netherlands. Besides their beautiful colors, they also have a wonderful fragrance! Blue Hyacinths spread the most intense fragrance. Hyacinths come in colors like white, pink, blue, purple, copper, and yellow. Did you know that the white Hyacinth stands for beauty? In Europe, the Hyacinth stands for peace and power, but people from the East see the Hyacinth as a symbol of simplicity. A very diverse bulb!

White Hyacinths

Late spring bulbs

Tulips are one of the symbols of the Netherlands. In general, Tulips are flowering later in spring, but like other crops, there are differences in flowering time, so there are early flowering, mid-season, and late-flowering varieties. Besides the well-known Tulip varieties, there are botanical species as well, and these Tulips are usually flowering earlier and are tinier than the generally known Tulips. Tulips can be bought as bulbs to plant in your garden, but in winter, you can also buy them at your garden center as potted bulbs, which will be flowering in your house after some time. And of course, Tulips are well-known as a popular cut flower in winter and spring. Discover the versatile Tulip, and join us on a tour to a Tulip farm, the Tulip fields, and of course Keukenhof! Choose for a Tulip tour, for instances tour 10 or tour 14.

If you are enthusiastic about these spring bulbs, book a tour now! Spring tours

Bicolor red and yellow Tulips

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