Top 8 things to do at Keukenhof Holland
22 februari 2021 

Top 8 things to do at Keukenhof Holland

Why should I visit Keukenhof park?
At least once in your lifetime, you should visit Keukenhof. Keukenhof in Holland is a feast of colors, made by millions of tulips, daffodils and hyacinths -a real bucket list trip! Every year the park has a special Dutch theme, and the park is decorated differently every year. You can therefore visit the world-famous park in Lisse regularly. The flowers normally bloom from mid-March to mid-May, the park is open to the public during this time.

The beauty of Keukenhof attracts many tourists every year, and that is not surprising. With an average of 7 million planted bulbs, you find yourself in the park in a real sea of flowers. With these 8 must-sees, you get the best out of your visit.

The windmill
You can see it from a great distance, the large windmill on the edge of Keukenhof. The mill has been there since 1957 making it a true historic sight. The mill has a long history, from 1892 the mill functioned as a polder mill in the northern province of Groningen en was rebuild at Keukenhof in 1957, as a gift from Holland America Shipping Line. Nowadays the mill has no function, except that you can climb the mill for a beautiful view over the flower fields. When the park is open, you can often see the blades of the windmill rotating.


Willem-Alexander Pavilion
You can visit various pavilions in Keukenhof. The most central one is the Willem-Alexander Pavilion and is definitely worth a visit! In the 6,000 square meter pavilion, there are several flower shows and the final show is the largest Lily-show-in-the-world, you can then admire 15,000 lilies. There are about 300 different varieties of lilies, a true color splendor. How many different colors and shapes can you distinguish?

Oranje-Nassau Pavilion
The Oranje Nassau Pavilion often has a changing exhibition. Logically, flowers are the subject. The theme changes every week. Different shows are organized, like a Roses show, Chrysanthemum show, Carnations show, and many more!

Beatrix Pavilion
The chicest and most exotic flowers can be found in the Beatrix Pavilion. Stroll through the orchids and anthuriums and admire the exotic atmosphere in this pavilion! The prize for the most beautiful flower is also awarded here every year.


Tulipmania at the Juliana Pavilion
In this pavilion, you learn the story behind the black tulip, the tulip that is the most difficult to cultivate, and of course the story of the first financial crash in recent history, the Tulip craze, also known as Tulipmania, which ended in a financial disaster in 1637. This famous exhibition also contains many tulips with the story of many celebrities and why they were allowed to associate their name with a tulip.

Boat tour around Keukenhof and tulip fields
With a boat, you can make a beautiful cruise through the bulb fields. You can also view Keukenhof from a distance through the colorful flower fields. This tour takes about 45 minutes and is perfect for photoshoots. You can buy tickets for this cruise at the windmill in the park. Well worth it!

The maze (fun for kids!)
An exciting maze is located next to the playground and the farm. You can get lost in this maze, or maybe you will find the vantage point… from this vantage point you can admire all the beautiful flowers from above.

And of course… Take photos of the beautiful flowers!

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