Valentine’s day; the day of the red Rose!
11 februari 2022 

Valentine’s day; the day of the red Rose!

February 14 is known as the day of (anonymous) ‘Love’. No nicer way to celebrate love than to give your loved one a beautiful bouquet of Roses. But why do we give red Roses on Valentine's Day? If you know the language of flowers, you can use this knowledge to create your Valentine's Day bouquet.


For generations, there have been meanings attached to flowers. For example, we give an Amaryllis when we feel pride or admiration. White flowers, on the other hand, represent purity, freshness, clarity, and simplicity. However, the meaning of flowers is often culturally determined. Flowers in India are usually associated with purity, strength, and generosity. They also correspond to certain gods and are sometimes even considered incarnations of the gods. 


But Valentine's Day is of course known for its large bouquets of red Roses. For a very long time, these flowers have symbolized love, romance, and Valentine's Day. The color red stands for love. People used to think that love came from the heart….. Because of the red color of the heart, red is the color of love. No wonder we give our beloved ones a bouquet of (red) Roses on the day of love. The fact that we give red Roses, stems from Greek mythology.

Originally, the Rose symbolized the Goddess of love, Aphrodite.
 Bouquet of red Valentine's Roses

The story of Aphrodite and the red Rose

It all began during the blossoming love between Aphrodite and Adonis. Their love was tragically halted, when Adonis was injured and Aphrodite tried, unsuccessfully, to save him. She badly cut herself on a bush of Rose thorns, her blood staining the white Roses red. According to the story, from that moment on, the red Rose was born, symbolizing eternal love. 


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Looking for something different?

You don't necessarily have to give your loved one a bouquet of red Roses during Valentine's Day. For example, give a red Tulip, because this flower stands for 'perfect love'. A Turkish legend tells the story of Prince Farhad who, when he heard that his beloved Shirin had been murdered, threw himself, horse and all, into a ravine. From every drop of blood on his body, a red Tulip is said to have emerged. As a symbol of his inexhaustible love for her. Pink and yellow Tulips symbolize warm feelings and hopeless, unattainable love. What about Orchids? With Orchids, you express your admiration for the beauty and strength of your beloved. Dahlias, on the other hand, stand for eternal union (perfect for asking someone to marry you)! 

Traditions change, although a bunch of red roses remains a symbol of love during Valentine's Day! 



Changing traditions 

In the past, yellow flowers were a symbol of jealousy, but now they are a sign that spring has started. We all buy yellow Tulips as the days become longer again. The Lily was also known as a funeral flower. This is now a thing of the past because the Lily is a very trendy flower! The ‘Willem Alexander’ pavilion is dedicated to the Lily at Keukenhof, which you should definitely visit during our Tour 6, ‘Tulip farm, Tulip fields and Keukenhof Tour’.

Or opt for our Tour 20, ‘’Flower auction and Lily Tour’, on which you will visit the flower auction and several Lily growers and breeders.  

Red Lily at Keukenhof

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