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We love to teach all nature-lovers; this is why we’ve created several tours that focus on one type of flower.

In this blog we wanted to emphasize three of our tours; Tour 18, Tour 19 & Tour 20. These start off with an impressive visit to the world’s largest flower auction and are followed by activities dedicated to one specific flower. Keep reading to learn more about each tour!

Tour 18 – All about peonies

During this tour, you’ll learn all about peonies; we will visit the annual peony flower show where over 125 varieties of this beautiful flower are exhibited and (after a delicious lunch) we’ll pay a visit to peony breeders and growers.

Fun fact; did you know these flowers originate from China and its roots were used to cure fevers?

Tour 19 – The colorful and magical hydrangea

These extraordinary flowers change color; when they are fully grown they are vibrant pink, purple, blue, white, or green and they turn into a deeper, darker color as they age.

During the ‘Flower Trials’ week, at the beginning of June each year, we can visit Hydrangea breeders and discover all new varieties. We can also visit the impressive greenhouses of several Hydrangea cut flower growers. 

Tour 20 – The most elegant of flowers; the lily

These flowers are the definition of classic beauty; their elegant shape and colorful varieties make them one of the most popular flowers in the world. The appearance of the lily is not the only reason why people quickly fall in love with it; this flower also has several symbolic meanings such as purity, love, virtue, and serenity.

It is also used in both weddings and funerals, making it an extremely versatile flower to express emotions. Join us as we visit several breeders of these delicate flowers.

There are even more tours that are focused around a single flower (e.g. the orchid) for you to discover. Take a look at our tours and we’ll make sure you will get an experience that you will always remember!


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