The Green city at Floriade Expo 2022
25 november 2021 

The Green city at Floriade Expo 2022

Green makes the city beautiful and clean again, this theme is central during the Floriade Expo 2022. Where there used to be large stone and steel towers, the Floriade hopes to be a source of inspiration for a sustainable world. During this world horticultural exhibition, all people from horticulture come together, gardener to asparagus grower, to a technician in the greenhouse. These are not only from Dutch horticulture, people worldwide gather experts to provide a beautiful exhibition. Together with us, Flower Tours Holland, we’ll make a tour at the Floriade Expo a day never to forget!

Horticulture from all around the world

During the Floriade Expo 2022, the official theme is “Growing Green Cities”. More than 400 national and international gardeners show their vision for a greener and more sustainable cities. From state-of-the-art solar roof tiles to techniques for vertical facade gardens and from the best ways to grow tomatoes to the latest pruning. You can see, taste and experience it all at the Floriade. The exhibition includes more than 40 country pavilions, where you immerse yourself in other cultures, greenery and sustainable innovations. In France, you can get to know the city of tomorrow. Modern horticulture is central to the German pavilion. You can walk the spiritual path in the Indian pavilion, where you can feel connected to nature. In Indonesia culture and nature together. You too can appreciate the Japanese floral splendour. Qatar's pavilion focuses on sustainable living in the desert.

Greening, feeding, healthying and energizing

Immerse yourself in the green arboretum. The first theme is “greening the city” in this regard. Take a stroll through the arboretum, an alphabetically arranged library of trees and plants that you can walk through and discover how it can make your city greener in the future too. The second theme of Floriade 2022 is “feeding the city”. The participants and sponsors of the expo have found solutions together in the field of experimental agriculture and horticulture, urban horticulture, artificially produced, food, health and agriculture. If you are more concerned with health, a visit to the Floriade is certainly unmistakable. The third theme focuses on mental and physical fitness, under the theme "healthying the city". Finally, sustainable energy solutions are unmistakable during the fourth theme "energizing the city". Floriade Expo 2022 takes you on a journey through new ways to generate, store and save energy.

Are you looking for an adrenaline kick? Then board the Step in the 850-meter long cable car and let it take you from the southern part of the Floriade Park to the northern part or vice versa. At a height of 35 meters, you will discover the Floriade Expo from above and you will test the unique potential of urban cable cars as a sustainable means of transport. You don't want to miss that!

The Floriade Expo 2022 is definitely a must-visit. Discover the national and international participants and taste different varieties. Make it an unforgettable day and let all your senses at the Expo with all kinds of beautiful flowers, plants and visions of a city green, together with Flower Tours Holland!

Floriade Expo sky view

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