The magnificent world of Dutch Tulips [1/2]
23 juli 2020 

The magnificent world of Dutch Tulips [1/2]


The Netherlands is world-famous for her breathtaking tulip fields, which can stretch as far as the eye can see. Have you ever wondered how tulips grow and why we have these tulip fields (except for their magnificent look)? Let us give you the answers you are searching for!

Life for the tulip begins in fall

Tulips are planted in the fall from October through December. But these pretty flowers are hard to grow; they need low temperatures (minimum 6 to 9 degrees Celsius) at night for approximately two months to develop a flower in the center of the bulb. This low temperature induces the development of the flower bud inside the bulb.

After being planted in the fall, the tulip bulbs remain underground, gaining resources and growing their roots to be ready for spring. When it finally reveals itself above ground, it grows relatively fast; it had already prepared in the previous stage. Only the bigger bulbs develop flowers though, the smaller bulbs will grow bigger in spring and can flower the next year, when the circumference is 10 cm or more.

Beautiful tulip flower fields

The gorgeous fields start to blossom in around four to five weeks after the growth process starts in Spring. Approximately 1,5 weeks after the flowering starts, the farmer will start cutting the flowers and a short part of the stem. This way, the leaves will stay on the plant and support the growth of new bulbs, next to the ‘old’ bulb. The flowers which have been cut from the crop, fall into the pathways and will become organic matter for the next crop.


Large bulbs will go to markets, garden centers, professional growers and of course to municipalities for e.g. public parks. The smaller ones will be replanted in the next fall. Fun fact: tulips also stimulate their own reproduction. How exactly? When you plant one tulip bulb, you will harvest two to four new bulbs in the next year! This amazing technique ensures a rapid increase of tulips and in turn a world-wide trade profit market and boost in our ecosystem!


Was reading this a piece of cake and are you interested in a more -in depth- blog on the tulips origin and needs? Keep an eye on our website, because another tulip-blog is coming soon!


Tulip petals in the pathways

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